Miniature Washing Line with Accessories


Gorgeous miniature washing line with accessories for your fairy garden or dolls house, includes lush hand-crafted paper dress.

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This delightful miniature washing line, comes with two tiny pegs, a miniature paper dress and a detachable base featuring one of our popular miniature toadstools; also included is a tiny ladybird climbing one of the poles!

The pattern of the dress supplied may vary from that shown, please see the pictures for a sample of other patterns that might be included.  If you have a particular preference please included a note at checkout and we will do our best to supply the one you want subject to availability.  Twine colour may also vary but will always be two colour baker’s twine.

Additional dresses (including pegs), toadstools, and ladybirds may be purchased from the store.

Assembled Dimensions: 150mm x 105mm

Note: to remove the poles from the base, firmly hold the base beneath the pole between the thumb and forefinger and carefully twist and pull the posts away from the base.


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